Happy Promise Day

Love it or hate it But you Have to Accept it-Happy Promise Day

Have you ever promised someone from your heart? I hope you all did sometimes. But making a promise is easier than actually fulfilling or maintaining it. Want to concretize your relationship? No day can be better than happy promise day. You can promise anybody and everybody on this special body.

  • Promise to stay always by their side under all circumstances
  • Promise to wipe their drop of tears
  • Promise to care for them
  • Promise to love them unconditionally
  • Promise to comprehend them
  • Promise to trust them

Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day
2018 Happy Promise Day

After exchanges of promises on Happy Promise Day, people tend to become more responsible and committed.

Do partners really keep the promise? Well, I would like to draw your attention on this fact. I will suggest you to be realistic enough while asking for promises. Do not just ask your partner to promise you anything and everything. Keep in mind the terms and conditions. A very natural thing which I would like to talk about men is that their love for games or sports.

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At many times, their wives or girlfriends become irritated for this and maybe ask them to promise her to leave it. Well. you hate it or love you have to accept some basic traits. You cannot snatch away the whims and fancies of a person in the name of promise and love. If you love him then accept both his goodness as well as the faults. At times, girls also get obsessed with dress and makeup and might take to get prepared thus making the men late. So now this character trait cannot be changed however the men retort on women. Do not even try to change their food habits just because you do not like those foods. This unhealthy promise can make your bond weaker.

So thinking rationally celebrate this Happy Promise Day 2018

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